Xbox One And PS4 Footage Of Battlefield 4 Coming On October 29


YouTube user JackFrags has stated that he has footage of Battlefield 4 for both Xbox One and PS4 to be released on October 29. The PS4 footage is hours of multiplayer and the Xbox One footage is the single-player campaign in its entirety. He is unable to speak too much on it until the 29th but he did say that one console version looks better than the other on Reddit.

Jack Frags: I’ll be posting Xbox One and PS4 footage – Direct capture 1080p on the 29th October – I’m not allowed to post before then. I have several hours of PS4 multiplayer and the full single player campaign on Xbox One recorded.

Angry_Gnome: It might be too early to ask, but could you notice any significant graphical differences between the PS4 and Xbox One versions? Thanks for your videos by the way, I watch them weekly and am excited for your continued BF4 coverage!

Jack Frags: I can’t talk specifics until the 29th but I can say that one of the next gen console versions definitely looks better than the other.




He currently has videos of Battlefield 4 up on his Youtube channel. You can see one of his videos below. The gameplay footage being shown is running on PC.