Xbox One Sells 2 Million Units In 18 Days


Despite falling behind on launch day sales, the Xbox One seems to be gaining momentum. The console has sold 2 million units to customers in 18 days. With the holidays approaching, it seems a lot of lucky young men, women, and children will be tearing apart that wrapping paper to the biggest smile of all time when they see the Xbox One under that wrapping paper.

Sales in the 13 territories have averaged to “111,111 units sold per day” which is a record for Xbox sales. So far, a collective 83 million hours of gaming, TV, and other app usage have been attained (which you can be a part of if you get hooked on the awesome Killer Instinct streams on Twitch that go on for about 12+ hours. I know I have!) since the launch of the console on November 22.

With demand exceeding supply, the Xbox One is one hot item for this holiday season. If you see a hefty box under your tree this Christmas, chances are your parents bought you an Xbox One. But don’t chew my head off if it’s not!

(Source: Xbox News)