Xbox One Takes Over A Minute To Cold Boot


A hardware test of the Xbox One on Eurogamer discovered that the Xbox One takes a whopping 1 minute, 8 seconds to do a cold start. While the standby turn on is a much more reasonable 18 seconds, thanks to the “always on” feature, 1:08 is borderline ridiculous considering the 5 year old laptop I’m typing on takes about 30 seconds to boot.


While it’s hard to reason why it takes a new piece of hardware that long to boot, future updates to the OS and its interfaces could speed up the process. Besides, I see no point in turning off the console, since isn’t one of the coolest features of the Xbox One is being able to walk into your living room and say “Xbox On” (which is something you can’t do when the system is fully shutdown)? So while I think 1 minute, 8 seconds is complete insanity, it’s not the end of the world.