Xbox One Troubleshooting: Long Install Times


Are you having problems while installing games on your Xbox One? If you are, a few steps have been found to help with the situation and we’d love to relay them to you in the hopes that your installs may complete a bit faster.

  • Disconnect your Xbox One console from your network.
  • Hold down the power button (on the console) for 5-10 seconds until the console powers off.
  • Power the console on again.
  • Retry the game install again without connecting to your network.
  • Once the game has completed installing, you can reconnect to your network and download any needed updates.

If this helps, then we’re glad to have been of service and we hope you enjoy your gaming on your new console. If not, you can head here and they will try their best to assist you further. If any of us find out any further steps that may help, we’ll be sure to post it up.