Xbox One Voice Commands Aren’t 100% Accurate


In a recent 45-minute presentation of the Xbox One, presenters had a hard time getting the voice commands to work. They previewed 45 voice commands and approximately 10 of those had to be repeated – a few of them had to be repeated up to 4 times. A few examples of voice commands not working included “Xbox, watch ESPN” and “Xbox, Bing movies with Sandra Bullock.” Senior Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Xbox, Jose Pinero stated the following at the end of the presentation:

Everything you’re seeing here is going to get better. Right now, we’re still a couple of weeks away but voice, the more you use it and the more the system learns, the more accurate it becomes. We’re still working on fit and finish.”

For those of you excited about trying out the Kinect’s voice commands, be warned that it may not be as accurate as the advertisements have depicted them to be. The statements made by Jose Pinero sound like the voice commands need training of sorts to grow accustomed to the user’s voice. No matter how this plays out, go into using voice commands with the notion that it won’t be perfect. But, then again, what piece of technology is?

(Source: San Jose Mercury News)