Xbox One Won’t Be The Last Xbox Console


In a conversation on Twitter, Phil Spencer has confirmed that the Xbox One will not be the last Xbox home console. That means a few years down the line, we can expect to relive the recently passed console launch hype. I think we can all agree that the wait for a new console is like a burrito filled with anxiety, excitement, and a small zest of obsession. He also states, albeit subtly, that the next console won’t be completely cloud-based either. He states that local compute will be around for quite some time. This can only mean that a cloud only console is probably out of the question.


Keep in mind, however, that this next console is probably many years off – I mean, we did just get the Xbox One a mere month and a half ago. It’s jumping the gun somewhat to start imagining what the next console will be like. Let’s all just pump the brakes and enjoy our consoles while we have them and make our investments worth it.