‘X-COM: Enemy Unknown’ Coming to Android Soon


The popular and brilliant alien eradication turn-based tactical RPG that racked in as many alien bodies for experimentation as it did positive opinions from players, is coming to the android. And since the game is a robots versus aliens scenario, it’s easy to guess which side the Android will be on.


The announcement comes directly from the game’s official Twitter feed, and while it’s not exactly clear when ‘soon’ is, it’s expected to release within the next few weeks or months.





For those unfamiliar with XCOM: Enemy Unknown, players are put in charge of a secret military project with the aim of removing the extraterrestrial threat from Earth, whilst covering up any hint of their presence from the public eye. You know governments. During the turn based battles, players not only engage the space invaders in firefights, but they’ll have to take cover, build their own base, recruit soldiers and launch satellites for support abilities. Once a member on the team is killed, though, he’s gone for good.