Payday 2 Giveaway


Sometimes it just feels so right to be on the wrong side of the law. The money, the jewels, the infamy, and the…*ahem*… clown masks. It’s just all so enticing and…dirty.

Reality check: you’re not going to commit jack-squat. Let’s be honest: the closest you’ve gotten to committing a crime is leaving the toilet seat up in your parent’s bathroom. So how can you experience this dangerous lifestyle? EASY. Go out RIGHT NOW and buy Payday 2, developed by Overkill Studios and published by 505 Games. It should be available at most game retailers (don’t even try going into the store with a clown mask and blue gloves on; I learned the hard way…).

What if you don’t have the cash? Well then, we truly have a crime-worthy deal for you! You can win a Steam code of Payday 2 TWO different ways:

1. Go to Slasher JPC’s Channel and Subscribe (1 entry), and also comment on the contest video Page (1 entry) – Total 2 entries

2. Follow SpawnFirst on their Facebook Page (1 entry), and also Follow them on Twitter (1 entry) – Total 2 entries

And if you’re wondering what the Steam code gets you exactly, well…it’s not just a regular edition of the game. You receive the Career Criminal Edition, which includes the full game, plus the pre-order Loot bag DLC. It also gives free access to the first DLC, entitled, The Armored Transport Heist DLC (which will be released later this year).

SlasherJPC will announce the 2 winners next week, so stay tuned to his channel and

Good luck, you career criminal you!


We have a couple of winners! TheFusi0nTurtl3 on SlasherJPC’s channel and Eric Prater JCTango on the SpawnFirst side! Congrats to the both of you!