Piatkus Entice Stocking Filler – Sophistication Menary – Winefield.


Piatkus Entice Stocking Filler – Sophistication Menary – Winefield.

For your month of December, the team at Piatkus Entice are sharing her plumped for stocking filler title (and please don’t determine their friends, as that knows when this will end up within their sock)!

Today’s option had been chose by Grace Menary-Winefield, Piatkus Fiction associate Editor . . .

For all the getaways i desired something had been relaxing, enchanting and filled with miracle. And I also don’t mean the ‘Christmas Spirit’ type secret. Genuine magic, like sparks traveling, fires burning up and control over the sun and rain (yes, I do appreciate the irony of ‘real’ secret – hardy hardy har).

It’s paranormal romance set-in smoggy, strange Victorian London. Reading Firelight in front of an actual fire (cue the hot chocolates and a waistcoated guy within the mistletoe) and I’m ready!


by Kristen Callihan

For fans of Diana Gabaldon, Amanda fast and Nalini Singh appear the Darkest London show.

In Victorian London, miraculous lurks in just about every shadowy area . . .

‘Callihan features a fantastic skill for intimate tension and jaw-dropping plots’ – Diana Gabaldon

‘A sizzling paranormal with dark colored records and volatile magic! Callihan was an extraordinary brand-new ability’ – Larissa Ione London, 1881

As soon as fires become ignited . . .

Miranda Ellis are a female tormented. Plagued since beginning by an unusual and effective gifts, she’s spent her life time struggling to regulate the woman excellent capabilities. Yet one innocent but permanent blunder possess remaining this lady family’s bundle of money decimated and forced the girl to wed London’s many nefarious nobleman.

They’ll burn for eternity . . . Lord Benjamin Archer is not any average people.

Doomed to full cover up their disfigured face behind face masks, Archer knows it is selfish to take Miranda as his bride. However he cannot assist getting interested in the flame-haired beauty whose touch sparks a passion he’s gotn’t believed in an eternity. Whenever Archer was accused of several gruesome murders, he provides in the beastly character he’s fought so very hard to cover from the industry. Nevertheless curse that haunts him may not be declined. Now, to truly save his heart, Miranda will enter a whole lot of dark colored miracle and darker intrigue. Just for she can begin to see the man concealing behind the mask.

‘Evocative and seriously passionate, Firelight was actually enjoyable from initial page’ – Nalini Singh

‘Callihan keeps a great ability for intimate pressure and jaw-dropping plots’ – Diana Gabaldon

‘A sizzling paranormal with dark colored record and volatile magic! Callihan was a superb newer skill’ – Larissa Ione

‘introduction author Callihan pens a powerful Victorian paranormal with core’ – Publishers Weekly

‘a tight account filled with intimate stress. This is exactly among the greatest debuts in the season’ – RT publication critiques Kristen Callihan is RITA selected and bestselling composer of The get together

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