The Sun Sets in 10 Minutes of Dying Light Gameplay


Developer Techland and Publisher Warner Bros. have pulled back the blinds on a new gameplay video of their zombie infested, open world, first person action game, Dying Light.

Youku video for our Chinese fans:

Strategy and kinetics are the stars of the show, with myriad tactics and moves on call to help players out run the hordes before the sun hits the horizon. Melee attacks, like a powerful drop kick, as well as slides and tight-rope walks across thin beams round out an arsenal of character moves that’s bolstered with weapons and traps.

Once evening approaches, though, the slow moving, careless zombies hunger for flesh, and suddenly become faster than their food.

Sunlight is super important in the game, and the title’s day-night cycle adds tension to an already stressful situation. As night falls, the zombified masses become far more powerful, being able to match the player’s movement capabilities. Being seen at night is highly disadvantageous, encouraging players to sneak by and avoid confrontations…while also staying wary of what lies in the shadows. The ability to adapt to the time of day is vital to surviving in Dying Light.

Dying Light is set to hit Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC in 2014.

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