Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Preview


If you’ve been living under a rock the last twenty four hours (or if you just don’t have the level of obsession for GTA as we do), then you might have missed Rockstar’s huge unveiling of a massive five minute trailer.  Done completely with in-game footage, there’s enough content to have you watering at the mouth for months, desperately waiting for its launch on September 17.  If there’s anything you missed, we’ve got you covered in our trailer breakdown below.

Lovely Locales

One of the most beloved traits of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (which some consider the pinnacle of the series) was its diverse locations packed with little caveats and nuances of love.  Between hicktown trailer parks, sprawling mountains that are prime for jumping from, and open waters with lively tourists, GTA V is bringing back this feature with a vengeance.

Things to Do In…

In an attempt to compete with other open world games, Grand Theft Auto V has an unbelievable amount of content crammed into the game.  There’s sports to play, real estate to invest in, property to buy, animals to hunt, random encounters… The list goes on.

Gameplay, Refined

A big issue with the Grand Theft Auto series has always been its imprecise shooting mechanics, and a general focus on mayhem rather than responsive controls.  Grand Theft Auto IV’s combat relied heavily on cover-based shooting, and all the vehicles in the game handled like a bag of dog feces.  Finally, though, it seems like Rockstar has made a heavier focus on gameplay mechanics.

In under five minutes, Rockstar managed to blow us all away to an unexpected degree.  Grand Theft Auto V looks like an amalgamation of all the greatest feats of the publisher’s previous titles: The painstaking detail of LA Noire; the fluid and flawless shooting mechanics of Max Payne 3; the brilliant writing and open world of Red Dead Redemption; the driving mechanics of Midnight Club; and, obviously, the pure fun that has come with every single GTA to date.