Outlast Walkthrough – Part 4 & Outlast Contest!


Welcome all, to part 4 of SlasherJPC’s walkthrough of Outlast! Actually, this might be the best episode yet, considering the amount of $#its SlasherJPC utters. And the scare counter? Well, it goes off the charts in this one, believe you me.

Also, thanks to DJShauny1 (Shaun): SlasherJPC and The_SpawnCast are gifting a copy of Outlast to a certain lucky individual as long as they meet the following criteria:

1. Subscribe to SlasherJPC’s Channel and make a comment on his Outlast Walkthrough #4 Video.

2. Follow @The_SpawnCast on Twitter!

There you have it! Once you meet the above 2 criteria, you are eligible to WIN a Steam code of Outlast, and the winner will be announced in Part 5 of the Outlast walkthrough videos, so stay tuned to SlasherJPC, The SpawnCast, and SpawnFirst.com!

(If you want to check out Part 3 of SlasherJPC’s trip through the asylum, click HERE)

Note: SlasherJPC and The SpawnCast will be comparing entries to see if all 2 criteria above have been properly met to consider potential winners. Also, we take note of “drop-offs” that only Like/Follow/Subscribe when there’s a contest afoot, and we will leave these entries out of consideration for future contests. Once the winner has been contacted via Twitter or FB message, they will have 24 hours to respond to us, otherwise the prize will be awarded to another potential entrant.