Payday 2 Gameplay Preview


Expected to be one of the biggest sleeper hits of the year, Payday 2 is looking to capture everyone by surprise on the PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and PC, this coming Tuesday, August 13th, 2013. The original Payday  came out as a PSN exclusive and astonished many a gamer with its pristine co-op play, and interestingly deep heists.

Thanks to developers Overkill Software, Payday 2 looks to amp up just about everything about the original, including better gunplay and combat, skill trees, more varied and diverse play maps, and emergent mission designs. And this time, PC and Xbox 360 players get to join in on the fun.

Let’s look at a Payday 2 gameplay preview by christrout91, as he attempts one of the many missions included in the final game. Payday 2 is aiming to provide the co-op satisfaction that the Left 4 Dead series provides.


Next week, spawn back and check out our review to find out what we think about this much improved sequel, and get ready to get your heist on!