SlasherJPC: Cloudbuilt Preview


SlasherJPC gives you his impressions of the upcoming Cloudbuilt, a cel-shaded, shooter-ish, parkour-heavy, monster of a title. A game in which the only limits that you’re given are time and direction, you have to jump, volley, blast, and jet yourself across levels both creative and  crazy.

From the official website:

“Use over-the-top rocket powered parkour and reckless moves to carve your own way through challenging levels. Through a heavy focus on speed and mobility you gain lots of freedom to choose your own resolve, and you are never limited by the controls. But it won’t be a cake walk. Use your reflexes and wits to survive, as you encounter numerous hazards, everything from immense mind bending obstacles to hostile robots standing in your way. All set in a mysterious and hostile dreamscape of floating ruins among the clouds.”

Check out what Justin thinks of the game, below: