XCOM: Enemy Within PAX Prime Trailer


XCOM: Enemy Unknown was quite the sleeper hit when it released in October of last year. Firaxis took the XCOM license, had their way with it, and released a turn-based tactical video game that was a smash hit with not just XCOM fans, but with anyone who had even a remote interest with the strategy genre.

Firaxis took notice of the critical and financial success of their game and decided, much to the joy of their fans, to release an amped-up of version of Enemy Unknown, called XCOM: Enemy Within. Don’t think of it as a sequel, but more like the original enemy unknown with abilities, enemies, weapons, maps, and much more (kind of like a Super Street Fighter to its original Street Fighter version).

Check out the XCOM: Enemy Within trailer unveiled at PAX Prime, above, and be ready for the game/expansion/redux to release on November 12th, 2013.