Review Policy


About Our Reviews

In case you haven’t noticed, at SpawnFirst we simply adore games.We follow headlines, interview developers, give previews, but one thing we take seriously is reviewing games. Each of us will try our best to provide a wholesome, original, and unbiased review for the audience. After all, our goal is to provide gamers with knowledge; if we don’t supply them with everything they need to decide whether or not they should put money down on a game, then we’ve failed.


How We Review…

SpawnFirst uses the tried-and-true method of a 10-point scale (.5 increments not including zero). The score attached to any game is the reviewer’s own opinion, and will more than likely vary from person-to-person.

While each game falls under one specific number category (such as “Excellent” or “Awful”), ten numbers are often not enough to convey an entire opinion about a game. To compensate for this, each category is separated within itself to further distinguish between the games. A decimal system provides an accurate description of how a certain game fits into a category; for example, while a 7.0 may be “Enjoyable” a 7.5 would still be a noticeably better game, even though they fall under the same category.


The Scale…

10 – Untouchable

Perfect in every way. Any flaws are so few are far between that they are essentially irrelevant. No matter who you are, you owe it to yourself to play this game. No excuses.

9 – Stunning

A cut above nearly every other video game that is released. The game is highly impressive and sets a standard for other titles. One or two key mistakes are all that hold it back from being perfect.

8 – Excellent

A great game in many respects. The title is undoubtedly fun and innovative, but lacks a particular amount of polish that is hard to overlook.

7 – Enjoyable

Entertaining in its own right. Throughout the entirety of the game, you’ll enjoy yourself in one way or another. A large piece of the puzzle is definitely missing, however, and the overall game has trouble overcoming these issues.

6 – Okay

It’s clear that the game has potential. Some portions of the title may even be great, but a suffocating amount of flaws ruin the fun before the end credits roll.

5 – Dull

Average, same-old experience we’ve seen time and again. While the game may not be bad, the uninspired effort put into the title is apparent from the beginning.

4 – Rough

A game you’ll be hard-pressed to finish.While it’s generally a hassle to play, there are still occasional moments of worth.

3 – Awful

Don’t bother trying to enjoy this game. It’s bad, but hey; at least it’s not as quite as awful as Superman 64.

2 – Worthless

Too poor in every respect to have any value at all, ever. If you even consider purchasing this game, you’re gonna have a bad time.

1 – Broken

Literally unplayable.Even those who get the game for free won’t get their money’s worth.It’s really that bad.


SpawnFirst Recommends…

Sometimes a numerical value just simply isn’t enough information to help guide a monetary transaction; in some cases, viewers might even discredit a numeric scale. To combat this, SpawnFirst has developed a metascore system that is simple. It tells the viewer at a glance what action SpawnFirst recommends they take. The five possibilities are Buy Editor’s Choice, Buy Now, Buy Cheap, Rent, and Avoid.The SpawnFirst Recommends metascore also has the added value of forwarding you to the appropriate place to do just what we recommend! Try clicking on the recommendation!

When we advise you to:


Editors choice

…BUY THE GAME BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. The best of the best. Any game honored with the Editor’s Choice badge has to be purchased, regardless of whether the game is on your preferred system or not. These games are the ones that people go out and buy consoles for. Buy it, experience it, and make sure to light one up afterwards.



…BUY the game, we consider the value to be well worth the asking price. Quite bluntly, it’s a game that you shouldn’t hesitate to own.



BuyCheap…BUY CHEAP, the title is still of high enough quality to own, but it either 1) isn’t good enough or 2) doesn’t have enough content to warrant a purchase at full price. We encourage you to wait for a price drop, sale, or find a used copy.



ForRent…RENT it, the game is still one that should be played, whether you have to borrow it from a friend or rent a copy for the weekend. For one reason or another, though, it’s unnecessary to actually own the game.


(Editors note: BUY CHEAP and RENT may sound similar, but are separated for two reasons. For obvious reasons, downloadable titles generally cannot be rented or borrowed, putting them under BUY CHEAP if they are deemed that. Secondly, a game under BUY CHEAP is one we encourage you to actually own, whether its for future DLC, multiplayer, or just because its fun. A game under RENT can be experienced and enjoyed in a relatively short amount of time.)


Avoid…AVOID, then it’s probably best to forget this game’s existence. We don’t feel this title will produce any enjoyment whatsoever, and any it does will be brief. Unless you stumble onto a free copy, don’t play this game.



The Last Word…

Even though SpawnFirst has ads, and we receive review copies of upcoming games, we DO NOT let this affect our attitude towards a game, or the overall score we assign to it. We take pride in the fact that we review games objectively; based on their value and worth to you, as a consumer. We hope you find all of our reviews at SpawnFirst helpful, as our audience deserves the best advice we can offer. Games are reviewed by gamers for gamers. The entire SpawnFirst team encourages you to stick around as we continue our goal of keeping you Fully Immersed!