SpawnCast, iTunes, Raptr, Oh My!


Hey there Spawners!

We’ve got two, count’em, TWO big announcements today!

TheSpawnCast Now on iTunes

First off, a BIG congratulations to The SpawnCast hosts, Brian and Chris, for pushing their amazingly deviant podcast onto iTunes! Yup, you’ll get to hear all about the latest in video game news, obscure beers, and the running internal rivalry for best host of each episode (you both win, guys. SHEESH!) on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, iETC. So go ahead and subscribe to their channel (as easy as searching for “SpawnCast” in iTunes) ASAP.



SpawnFirst Raptr Community Page

Also, SpawnFirst is now a community page on the web’s best game rep and historical data website, Raptr! Yup, come on over and join the SpawnFirst community on Raptr so we can all see how we square off against each other when it comes to our gaming prowess – and maybe even catch a bit of SpawnFirst news bits on your Raptr frontpage (and sign up for Raptr if you haven’t already…It. Is. Awesome!).