SpawnFirst Introduces our first News Writer: Mark Hanratty

mark hanrattycropped

Don’t you ever doubt Mark’s abilities. Ever.


Introducing our new gaming news writer, Mark Hanratty! He hails from Dublin, Ireland, and has quite a passion for gaming. Look to Mark for the most current and up-to-date news on SpawnFirst. You can read about him on his bio below (or on the About Us page).

“Mark is an Irish student passionate about games. He enjoys playing sports such as soccer and rugby, but loves playing video games at any time possible. Mark plays mostly on the Xbox 360, but also plays on the PC from time to time. He is a multiplayer manic and also loves to delve into deep storylines within RPGs.”
Xbox Live: Fatal xCaliBoR
Steam: FatalxCaliBoR
Twitter: Fatal_xCaliBoR