Time to Level UP: SpawnFirst and SlasherJPC Unite


Attention Spawners and Slashers!

We here at SpawnFirst are excited to announce a partnership with SlasherJPC, the oh-so Optimistic Gamer. SlasherJPC records some pretty amazing videos, filled with absorbing commentary, comedic skits (not kidding, they’re actually pretty darn funny), and some great insight into games that he plays and reviews.

Both him and our team are all a buzz about this partnership, and we look forward to some amazing times ahead, as we keep our visitors and viewers FILLED. TO. THE. BRIM. with gaming news, reviews, previews, opinions, SpawnCasts, and SlasherJPC vids.


Look to SlasherJPC for his impressions and insights on a multitude of games on most platforms.

So get Fully Immersed with SpawnFirst and SlasherJPC, the Optimistic Gamer, as we fill your eyes and ears with all the gaming content you crave.

Check out SlasherJPC’s Youtube Channel by clicking on the main menu above.

Also, Like Slasher’s Facebook page, Follow him on Twitter, check out his TwitchTV channel.