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If Mr. Hemingway didn’t already give it away, things are a’changing here at SpawnFirst, nay…evolving. SpawnFirst started out as a small game review and news site way back, and was being run all by my lonesome. Slowly but surely, some amazing writers and contributors started joining the fold, and helped turn the site into what it is today.

Out of the many things that separates SpawnFirst from the crowd are our reviews. Each review that we write, not only has a standard .1 decimal place score for categories and the overall score, but also has a “SpawnFirst Recommends…” metascore. To expound on that, our metascores tell you, as a consumer, our final recommendation on whether the game we review warrants a “Buy”, “Buy Cheap”, “Rent”, or should be “Avoided”, no matter what the overall score is. Giving you our final and trustworthy word on how to spend your hard-earned moolah. Oh, and clicking on the actual metascore will send you directly to a retail listing for that game, whether it be Amazon, Gamestop, Steam, Xbox Live, PSN, or even Gamefly (for renting). Check it out some time!

Now, we don’t just report on news and review games, we’ve spread out to writing frequent features, opinions on gaming and the game development world. We’ve been doing developer interviews, game impressions, videos, podcasts, we have an exclusive video game horror channel in collaboration with SlasherJPC – who’s just taken his channel in a brand new and exciting direction. We also collaborate with our affiliate sites like Gamer Horizon, Strategy Guide Reviews, iGame Responsibly, Play Effort, and others. And to cover just about every base, we’re deeply involved in our social feeds on Twitter, Facebook, and have an exclusive community page on Check out all that we have to offer below.

SpawnCastThe SpawnCast

The SpawnCast, with hosts Brian and Chris, has been a runaway hit, with different guests joining every week, and a boatload of viable and interesting topics on hand. Always ready to start off their ‘Casts with the most obscure of beers possible, and willing and able to shamelessly take cracks at each other, Brian and Chris are a joy to listen to on Monday nights, and they definitely start the week off on a high note for our visitors. Check them out on, follow them on their own Twitter feed, and, yes, they’re on iTunes as well!


SlasherJPC House of Gaming Horrors


SlasherJPC’s House of Gaming Horrors (for the Serious Horror Gamer), is our exclusive horror game channel for all the ghoulies and beasties among you. If you’re anything like us and you love Halloween, horror movies from all over the world, and the very best in horror games, then definitely check SlasherJPC out, and his unique blend of seriousness and humor is just what we gamers crave (aside from Brawndo). Plus, he’s a pretty kick-ass guy in his own right. We also feature his videos on SpawnFirst, including the non-horror related game reviews and impressions. Follow Justin “SlasherJPC” Celani on Twitter, Facebook, and his TwitchTV page. Also, please make sure to check out his announcement about his new direction below.

SpawnFirst YouTube Channel


SpawnFirst’s very own YouTube channel just kicked off, thanks to the efforts of John Finch and Alex Layton. Here you’ll find Let’s Play, game walkthroughs, impressions, and even reviews down the line. All SpawnStaffers will be doing their part to add to our video content there, so stick around with our channel as it grows.

SpawnFirst on


Check out the SpawnFirst Community Page on and join us! We also post the latest news, reviews, and articles to our community page, plus, Raptr is pretty amazing in its own right. Check out their About Us page to see what all they have to offer to gamers. Trust me, you’re going to want to be a member.

So…yeah, from a simple website to, dare I say…an empire? (We don’t know the definition of humility… we’re still working on that one). But seriously, we would appreciate each and everyone of you to check out our reviews, previews, read up on the latest news and thought-provoking articles, watch our gaming video and horror channels, listen to our SpawnCasts, keep up with our social sites,….gosh…we just have so much to offer to today’s gamer. So stop on by and make sure to surf the gaming tsunami that is