Whats the Word Review


Whats the Word is one of the biggest games to ever hit the iOS and Android stores by hit game developers RedSpell. Since its release, Whats the Word has continued to stay at the top of the charts, and it is not going anywhere anytime soon! In Whats the Word, users will have four different images that all relate to one word. And there are over hundreds of levels to play, as well as categories that get harder and harder as the game goes along. Your knowledge is definitely going to be put to the test here. Want to stay challenged and entertained? Whats the Word is the game to fill that need. Whats the Word is available for free download on all Android and iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. And if you find yourself having any trouble with one of the levels, don’t worry, we have all of the Whats the Word cheats and tips to every level!


If trivia or word games is something you love and find yourself gravitating to more and more, you will already have the basic gameplay down. Whats the Word is really no different than other 4 pics style word and picture games that involve guessing and trivia; in-fact it is exactly that…you’re going to get four different pictures that relate to one word or the answer. In each and every level, you will get one image containing four smaller images, a bunch of blank spaces, and a letter bank to help you answer the word in question. The letter bank will consist of twelve letters for you to use to fill in those blank spaces.  

And while the game-play is fairly simple to comprehend, as you progress–each and every level will become more and more difficult than the next level. How difficult you ask? The words or answers will increase from three letters to eight letters; however, the images do a decent job at representing the answers, but there are a few that may stump you along the way. Well, at least now you’ll know where to go now!