At SpawnFirst, we believe that if you’re a good writer, you should be free to write about whatever the heck you want! Do you feel like writing up a review on a game that you’re planning to purchase? Let us know and go for it! Have a comment about certain news-worthy announcements? Write it! Do you absolutely hate the antics of David Jaffe? Kill it in an opinion piece! SpawnFirst has always been open to the opinions of our staff and contributors. It’s a place to promote your writing skills and present them to a world-wide audience of viewers. We promote all of our articles, reviews, and previews via social media and through other websites, to provide the maximum exposure of our presence and your skills. We even write letters of recommendation at your request, in case you ever decide to hit up the big guns like IGN, Gamespot, etc. If you feel like becoming part of the SpawnFirst, then you’re in for a good time. A minimum of TWO articles/reviews/op-ed submissions a week will guarantee you a spot as a SpawnStaffer (complete with a bio, your social links and a snapshot of your beautiful mug)! New SpawnStaffers will be eligible (after a 2-week probation period) for potential review copies (PC, Xbox, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, etc.) and interview opportunities as well. Keep in mind that we prefer our applicants to have a good collection of platforms (if possible), and are planning to buy some good hit games as well. If you are buying a certain game that you would love to review for us, let us know and we will add you into the review schedule and rotation! Once review copies are assigned to you, you’re expected to write a review on it. We will never ask you to buy a game and review it, however, if you’re already planning on buying a game and want to write a review on it, just let us know (though you must follow our review policies and award/badge criteria religiously). We are looking for volunteer-only applicants, but remember, the best-of-the-best, our beloved SpawnStaffers, are the only ones who are qualified to receive review/preview copies of games from indie and major developers. So if you think it’s time to spawn your game journalism career, let us know if you’re interested!

Current Positions Available: 

News Lead / News Member

Indies Team Member

Video Content Creator

Features Editor

Just email us at with the position of interest in the title, and send us the following information:

  • Name/Age/Location
  • Current platforms owned/future platforms that you are buying
  • Your favorite game genres
  • Current submission schedule that you are open to (remember, whatever you agree to will be expected)
  • List your game journalism experience (links to articles that you’ve written). If no experience, then please send us a written opinion/review/news piece of around 500 words
  • Your reasons for joining our diverse team
  • Any other special skills that you think might be relevant to us
  • Experience with WordPress CMS (would be nice, but optional).

We cannot wait to have you as part of the SpawnFirst team. Good luck!