10 Facts You May Or May Not Know About the PS4


We’re back with some more news about the inner workings of the PS4. Again, from Computer Bild comes 10 facts that you probably didn’t know about the PlayStation 4. (translated and laid out for you in an easy to read format!) They ran some tests and answered questions via their YouTube and Facebook pages. Some are already known to everyone while some are more informative.


  1. The hard drive in the PS4 is the same as the PS3 version; it is a standard 2.5-inch notebook hard drive. However, the PS4 can also fit “hard drives with a height of 12.5 millimeters.” (3 TB laptop hard drives here we come!)
  2. The user interface of the PS4 is different, as we all know. However, they mention that it doesn’t take very long to adapt to the layout of the user interface; it’s very user-friendly.
  3. The PlayStation 4 only features an HDMI port. There are no AV or SCART outputs.
  4. The noise levels of the PS4 are significantly lower than the PS3. After 10 minutes, at a distance of 40 centimeters, the PS4 reached sound levels of 0,815 sone and only a slight noise is heard. The original PS3 reaches sound levels of 0.83 sone after 10 minutes. After an hour, the PS4 only reached 0.83 sone while the original PS3 reached 2.1 sone. Check the very bottom of the post for a graph to get a general idea of how loud these measurements are.
  5. The Wi-Fi on the PS4 runs with “802.11 b / g / n” which is very fast.
  6. The PS4 weighs in at 2,764 grams (6.09 pounds). The Dualshock 4 weighs in at 214 grams (0.47 pounds or 7.5 ounces). The Dualshock 3 controller weighed in at 190 grams (0.42 pounds or 6.7 ounces).
  7. The PS4 features an AUX port. This port is located on the back of the console and is used to connect the PlayStation Camera.
  8. The PS4 needs 21 seconds to fully boot up. However, this was tested on a developer kit so this could change by launch. The console was not connected to the internet during this test.
  9. The console plays movies at 4K resolution. However, games retain their resolution of either 1080p or 720p. Implementing a 4K resolution to games would essentially cost game developers far too much money.
  10. As you already know, the PS4 can play Blu-Ray movies as well as DVDs. However, the console doesn’t seem to play audio CDs. The feature may become available in the future, though.


That’s all the info pulled from their tests with the PS4. We’ll be keeping an eye on any new updates that come from them and their hands-on time with the PS4.