Xbox One Smoking: Event Recorded on Video


If you remember a few weeks ago, we put out an article talking about a few unfortunate (and unsubstantiated; let’s be honest here) owners of Xbox Ones who reported their consoles at the Xbox Support Forums as acting strange and smoking. A lot of criticism was thrown against these reports because there was no recorded videos of said event.

And if you recall, Microsoft did respond about the initial alleged smoking events, as first reported by , saying:

“The situation described is not something we’re seeing. If customers are experiencing any issues, they should contact Xbox Support at…To clarify: that’s correct; it’s not something that the support team is seeing.”

Well now a video has popped up on YouTube from user buttbuddy, showing his Xbox One apparently smoking. Check out the video below. We’ll provide more updates as we find out.

Update 6:

Check out the video below of YouTube user google google showing us what seems to be some internal damage after his Xbox One started smoking. Interesting.

Update 5:

buttbuddy just uploaded another video of himself showing his now non-working Xbox One. Check it out below (note: original Xbox One smoking video is near the bottom of this article):

Update 4:

Well, seems like our YouTuber of the day has finally gone to the Xbox Support Forums and has posted his issue there for some much needed feedback. We’ll keep watching for more updates.

“this morning while watching tv my console shut off randomly, I went to turn it back on and it would turn on I checked the power strip to make sure it it was the outlet, then I started smelling a electrical burning smell, I assumed it was my Xbox One and unplugged it and plugged in the power brick somewhere else, it wouldn’t turn back on and then out of no where it started smoking for about a minute or two. i hurried up and recorded it but my phone was low on storage so i couldnt get it more on film.

I called 1-800-4-MY-XBOX and they had a supervisor talk to me and he said that i could send my xbox in and it would take 3-4 weeks or use the express which took like 3-4 days but i would be billed temporarily for the console. Gamestop said I could just take it to them and get it replaced. I dont know what to do.”

Update 3:

View the full conversation below with buttbuddy’s latest response (it also seems like Microsoft wants to bill him for a full console during the time it takes for Support to receive it).


Update 2:

YouTube user buttbuddy responded to our question about what exactly happened prior to, and during said event, and who he contacted to help him.

“The console wasn’t in for more than 6 hours, 2 hours away on netflix and the rest watching TV, the console turned off, I tried to turn it back on but it didn’t. I started smelling a electronic burning smell, I switched outlets and it still remained off, I unplugged and plugged it back in after each try, then I started seeing smoke, it lasted for about one minute, and left it alone while I slept, I woke up and the console still won’t stay on. Xbox said I can mail it to them with the fastest time I would have to be billed for the console temporarily until the console is received, or I could just take it to gamestop for a replacement.” – buttbuddy

Update 1:

We’ve contacted YouTube user buttbuddy about how this issue started and what happened prior to the smoking. We have also asked him whether or not he has contacted the Xbox Support Forums, and if so, what they’ve advised him to do. We are waiting on a response.