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Zac_DavisZac Davis


Zac is a Communication/Journalism major at Shippensburg University and the man in charge of SpawnFirst. He is a lover of all games and platforms, but loves to grind through a good ol’ RPG..

Buddy_Acker “King” Buddy Acker

Features Editor

Buddy was a journalism major at the University of Alabama. He now spends
his days writing novels that will probably never get published and wishing
he were an extra in an Anthony Hopkins film. He’s been gaming since he can
remember and has owned every console from the NES to the TurboGrafx-16 to,
yes, even the Phillips CD-i. He loves all games, but his favorite genres
are shooters and RPGs. His favorite game is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of

Twitter: @buddyacker , Steam ID: buddyacker, Xbox Live: buddyacker, PSN: BuddyAcker


Matthew Kline

Public Relations Director

Matt is a writer, movie enthusiast and above all else a gamer. Raised by werewolves, he has managed to (somewhat) integrate with society. He is currently attending Shippensburg University for Communication/Journalism with a Public Relations emphasis. After a three-year run at GameStop he finds himself here, doing what he loves. He mostly deals in RPGs, action-adventures and indie games, but he will play nearly anything. Chances are you will catch him playing the Mass Effect series for the hundredth time.

Twitter: @heymattyk

Jake Alster

Jake Alster

Associate Editor

Jake is a graduate from Central Michigan University where he earned his B.A. in history. He loves reading, writing, and playing video games (of course!). He’s a sucker for a good single-player experience and devours video games at a ridiculous rate.

Chris_VellucciChris Vellucci

Versus Mode Co-Host/Creative Co-Director

Chris is ridiculous. True story: instead of paying rent one month he bought a Nintendo 3DS. Being a fan of all gaming platforms is tough on his wallet, but he’s a gamer on a budget. He plays his PS Vita or 3DS while on the train to/from work and his Xbox 360 or Wii U when at home. He won his university’s Video Game Olympics competition back in April of 2012 and mentions it whenever he can in conversation. His other interests include comedy, surviving Chicago, and hangin’ out with his pup, Theta.

Twitter: @These_7hings, Steam ID: a_stick_n_stone, Xbox Live: a stick n stone

PSN: a_stick_n_stone

BrianOCroppedBrian O’Donnell

Versus Mode Co-Host/Creative Co-Director

Brian is member of the University of Mary Washington’s class of 2012 and graduated with a BS in Computer Science. He has been gaming since the first day he held an original GameBoy in his hands and hasn’t stopped since. He now plays mostly shooters and RPGs on his Xbox 360 but will occasionally work in some sports or fighting games when he’s in the mood. He is also a huge fan of playing marathon sessions of Legend of Zelda when the opportunity arises.

Twitter: @bodweiser1, Steam ID: the_bodweiser, Xbox Live: the bodweiser,

JustinCelaniJustin “SlasherJPC” Celani

Video Content Director

You’ve just stumbled upon a huge gamer. Anything having to do with the latest games on all systems – Justin loves to play and talk about. From the big guns to the smaller indie titles, he loves’em all. Watch, comment, subscribe, but most of all, enjoy!

Twitter: @SlasherJPC, YouTube: SlasherJPC, Facebook: SlasherJPC

TwitchTV: SlasherJPC


Colton_SteuryColton Steury

Senior Staff Writer

Colton Steury is a musician, writer, and fervent gamer who enjoys most any games, but is especially fond of RPGs, platformers, third-person shooters, and indie games. When he’s not writing articles, composing songs, or gaming, you could probably find him eating potato chips and petting a cat. Generally, he is willing to accept potato chips/cats as currency.

PSN: knotfersce, Steam ID: knotfersce, Twitter: @knotfersce

Karl_DoddsKarl Dodds

Senior Staff Writer

Karl loves to go for long walks on the beach and feel the wind in his hair, but when he isn’t imitating online dating profiles he loves to write about games. Having been an avid gamer since the days of the original PlayStation it’s a passion that took a hold of him and one that has never let go. Metal Gear Solid is quite possibly his favourite gaming series having only purchased a PlayStation 3 to be able to play Metal Gear Solid 4.

Twitter: @LegendaryKarlos, PSN ID: LegendaryKarlos, Steam ID: LegendaryKarlos

RudRudolf van Wyk

Senior Staff Writer

Rudolf is a Journalism graduate who has an obsession with video game collector’s editions, which is matched only by his objective of moving to Canada and firmly establishing himself as a games journalist. His taste for adventure can only be satisfied by action-adventure games, sizzling steaks and dreams of gliding through the air on a snowboard.





FoxJester1Luke “Fox Jester” Cobham

Staff Writer

Luke “FoxJester” Cobham can be seen in the wild helping other folk with their various plumbing problems and disasters. Commonly you will see him wade into a vast sh*t storm in order to save the others drowning within. Less frequently seen however, is when the majestic FoxJester is hidden in his man cave playing numerous video games, or beating people senseless with large bladed weaponry, in which he has been training with since 7 years of age. Video game Journalism however, seems to be this creatures true calling, throwing news, opinion pieces, and reviews at Spawn First as if he were a crazy poop throwing Jabberwocky. Oh, and he’s Canadian.

Steam/Xbox Live/Origin: FoxJester, Twitter: LukeCobham

ReubenReuben Williams-Smith

Staff Writer

Reuben is a student, a nerd and an all round SpaceBadass. When he’s not playing games in his free time he reads anything he can get his hands on, is an aspiring stand-up comedian and makes gaming videos on Youtube. He decied to try writing because it was neater than leaving all of the words in his head, where they were liable to clutter the place up. He’s owned every iteration of the Pokemon franchise (he usually chooses the Grass starter, except Chikorita, because why would you?), completed Borderlands 2 more times than can possibly be good for his mental health and owns a worryingly large collection of gaming reference t-shirts. He usually plays both PS3 and Xbox 360 games, but is probably going to jump to PC for the next generation.  He hopes to contribute as much to SpawnFirst as he can, and he feels really stange about writing in third person. He may also have over written his bio.
Xbox Live: CruelCoffee, PSN and Steam: RoboFish_MkII

John_FinchJohn Finch

Staff Writer

John is a third year journalism major and a fifth year policy debater, but gaming is his passion. He firmly believes that the PS2 is the finest console ever made and will defend to the death that playing Pokemon is not and never was lame. He owns every current gen console and is excited for the advent of the PS4 and Xbox One. He enjoys action-adventure and survival horror, but can hold his own in a discussion about nearly any genre. He listens to a surprising amount of alternative music and can fix a mean bowl of Frosted Flakes.

SteamID : Darthstar1, Xbox Live: Darthstar10


Geron_RoperGeron Roper

Staff Writer

Geron studies Graphic and Game Design at GMU, giving him a hands-on look inside game development. His love for games goes back to his preschool days, when he’d sneak away to fight koopas during naptime. He’s got his eyes on Nintendo, but flirts with the work of many others in the industry. When he’s not looking for the last piece of heart, he’s creating artwork for various purposes. Ironically, his first published artwork was in issue #144 of Nintendo Power, when he was 10 years old!

PSN: psFROMAN, Steam ID: stFROMAN, Xbox Live: xbFROMAN, Nintendo: nFROMAN



Laura Chandler


Laura is a History student at Central Michigan University. When she’s not dishing out delicious cafeteria food to hordes of obnoxious freshmen or baking up cookies for drunk partygoers, she’s at home relaxing with either her computer, Xbox 360, or 3DS. For as long as she can remember she’s been holding a controller. From NES to Xbox 360, she can’t remember a time before she loved video games. She can invest hours upon hours in RPGs (her favored genre), especially those brought to you by BioWare. Her only long-term goal is to become Commander Shepard and explore the final frontier.

Twitter: @laurawrdeadly Steam ID: laurawrdeadly Xbox Live: laurawrdeadly


Jennifer Ip


Jennifer is a 22 year old whose love of games tends to keep her inside instead of outside in the Californian sun. She’s pursuing a Bachelor’s in English and loves games that tell a compelling story. With a brother that introduced her to games at a young age, and a fiance who’s majoring in video game design, Jennifer is surrounded by all things gaming. She also enjoys sushi, good thoughts, pizza, gardening, and Pathfinder.

Andrew_BrantAndrew Brant


Andrew is a former professional performer, failed linguist, college dropout, and veteran of the US military. He lives with his beautiful wife, and their dog, Guinness, in an apartment by the sea. Andrew’s favorites include RPGs, The Legend of Zelda games, and criticizing Nintendo’s marketing and business practices. He also enjoys fighting for truth, justice, and the American way in his spare time.

Steam ID: iamneo53, Xbox Live: RainbowMegatron

Karam12Karam Elahi


Growing up in different countries, Karam has a unique global perspective about gaming. He brings with him that set of eyes and ears that can look at the state of gaming from afar. His gaming loves cover just about every genre, and he is a constant presence on Xbox Live and PSN. Karam is a Systems Administrator by day and lives in Georgia with his wife and three children. By night he transforms into Aye Karamba (Live) or Aaqiloon (PSN), and his virtual aliases live online.

Twitter: @karamsoul, Steam ID: karamsoul, Xbox Live: Aye Karamba, PSN: Aaqiloon

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