Criminal Case Top Tips and Cheats


Welcome to the Criminal Case tips page! Criminal Case, our new favorite smartphone addiction, is a hidden-object game with a detective twist. Playing as a rookie cop in the town of Grimsborough, it is up to you and your partner to solve various murders that occur across all six districts of town. Though Criminal Case is simple enough to play, we have compiled a number of tips to aid you in catching the countless murderers that roam Grimsborough.

Criminal Case Tip 1: Free Gifts and Energy

If you really like Criminal Case, giving their Facebook page a like is well worth it. The Criminal Case wall is constantly filled with daily gifts and other free stuff, and best off all, you will receive 40 energy immediately upon doing it!

criminal case facebook energy bonus


Criminal Case Tip 2: Daily Free Energy

Like most players, we assume that you hate waiting days to refill your energy because you don’t want to pay money. But why would anyone spend money on replenishing energy when there is more than enough of it already in-game? You are limited daily to 110 energy, which you can find in the 3 jugs of orange juice and the 1 bag of potato chips that you can have for free each day.

Criminal Case daily facebook gifts


Criminal Case Tip 3: Level Up Fast

If you play any scene and get 5 stars, you can then go back to that scene and replay it for only 5 energy points instead of 20. This means that for each scene you re-complete, you will receive 20 XP for only 5 energy points!

Criminal Case use less energy for XP


Criminal Case Tip 4: Play each scene multiple times.

The more you play a scene, the more chances you will have of getting the maximum amount of points on that scene. You will learn more quickly where the objects are, and will be able to take advantage of the 6x bonus and hints more easily.

play each scene more than once


Criminal Case Tip 5: Unlimited Free Energy

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? If you are playing on a smartphone, then you can get unlimited free energy! All you have to do is manually change the date and time on your smartphone to one day ahead – then relaunch the game and you will be happy to see that your energy bar has filled up! If you want more details about this tip, Criminal Case Cheats has a slew of additional cheats and a full game walkthrough that can help you out!

Change date and time for energy