The Chinese Room Gives a Few Updates About EveryBody’s Gone to the Rapture


The Chinese Room, developers of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, are currently working on their next big name project, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture along with SCE Santa Monica Studios, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Being a very plot and story-centric endeavor, EGttR is definitely turning quite a few heads in the industry. The developer recently sent out a few tweets centered around their project.

When asked about whether or not the game will be releasing in 2014, The Chinese Room has stated that it would be an “unrealistic” proposition, considering that much the game is still in the early developmental stages.

About whether or not the main engine TCR are using for the game is hard to develop EGttR with, TCR thought that the engine is not a complex one to use, and that their first attempt at working with CryEngine has gone smoothly, without any issues to speak of.

As far as the script for the game, TCR are putting the finishing touches on it as well.