First PS4 Public Test Kiosks Found


According to Gamepur, the first images of public test kiosks for PS4 have surfaced. The first of which comes from Reddit user, Ldominguez1986, stating the following:

I have a friend who is an employee at Home Depot and I confirm this! He said they will be setting them up in Lawn & Garden in the coming week.


Home Depot seems like a really weird place to set up a PlayStation 4 testing kiosk. I guess any exposure is good exposure, but it is still a very odd place to choose to set one up (if it is, in fact, true). There is a possibility it could be a lie, so we should take the location with a grain of salt. Users on NeoGAF speculate it’s actually a Best Buy auto bay. This seems more plausible. Moving on, the next place where a kiosk is being set up is in Germany, although the store wasn’t specified. This next screen grab comes from the official Sony Germany Facebook page.


With these showing up, it might be only a matter of time until you find one in a store near you. If you find one, take a picture of it and send it our way.