Guilty Gear Xrd Releasing in Arcades on February 20th


Fans of the Guilty Gear franchise can rejoice as the long wait for a new game is over with the latest game in the series,Guilty Gear Xrd, releasing in arcades on February 20. The final test location for the game was scheduled to close today, February 12, in preparation for getting the game into arcades for the date of release.

Xrd returns to its 2D fighting style and runs on Unreal Engine 3. A young woman named Ramletherl Valentine is declaring war on the world and wants to end humanity. It’s up to the fighters (and the player) to put an end to her devious plans and save mankind. The game has been confirmed to be releasing on PS3 and PS4 as well but no release window has been given. Let’s all hope we won’t have too long of a wait beyond the arcade release and we can all get our Guilty Gear fix. Also, you can watch the arcade opening below:

(Source: NeoGAF, Guilty Gear Xrd Official Site)