Indie Shooters Revolver360 Re:Actor And Prismatic Solid Headed To PS4


These two games might sound familiar to some, but new to others. Revolver360 Re:Actor and Prismatic Solid are two indie shooters that were originally on Xbox Live but are now headed to PS4 as confirmed today at BitSummit in Kyoto. Revolver360 Re:Actor is a space shooter that allows for manipulation of the playing field. It can be used to avoid a hail of enemy bullets or used to get more points. View the video of the game below:

Prismatic Solid is something of a Super Stardust and Galaga hybrid. You try to clear the enemies off the screen to advance all while using the right weapon to gain the upper hand. Filled with bright colors and unique shapes, this is a game that should hold your attention for quite some time. Gameplay footage can be seen below:

It seems as though Resogun may have had more of an impact than it originally anticipated to. Do these games look like something you would want to try on your PS4?

(Source: PS4 France)