Nintendo Announces Mii and NFC for Super Smash Bros.


Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event opened up with Reggie Fils-Aime and Satoru Iwata engaging in an epic battle. They finished their fight with controllers in their hands and Super Smash Bros. starting up on a screen.

Immediately on the screen we see Iwata’s and Fils-Aime’s Miis battling it out. We later hear from Masahiro Sakurai that you will pick between three different base builds for your Mii.  You can choose to be a gunner with an arm cannon, a brawler with MMA gloves on, or a sword fighter. You can customize your Mii fighter and choose up to four special moves. You can also play as celebrity Miis.  Showcased were Abraham Lincoln and Elijah Wood Miis battling it out with other Nintendo characters.

Using the Wii U GamePad Nintendo also showcased figurines with embedded NFC technology for Super Smash Bros. These figurines can store information about your fighter. This is going to be available for Mario Kart 8  after Super Smash Bros. The collectibles will be a two way street in communicating information with the Wii U in regards to stats and character settings.