The Order: 1886 Will Be Bigger Than One Game


The Order: 1886 has not seen much love besides a teaser trailer and all we know is that the game looks incredible, interesting, and suspenseful. The game has been delayed but that is not always a bad thing. If a game needs to be pushed back in order to deliver a much more solid and immersive game then I am on board with that. After all we do know that it takes 10x’s more work to develop a game on the PS4 than it does on the PS3. That just means better graphics and gameplay as it opens many doors to developer teams.

In The Order: 1886 you are stuck in a war between a group of Arthurian Knights and the mysterious race known as half-breeds but the plot will go much deeper as the peasants of the escapade’s London setting start to rebel against their own protectors. That brings on a type of Civil War on top of the Arthurian Knights and mysterious half-breeds.

Ready at Dawn developers set us up for what is going through their heads in this statement,

“We’ve built this franchise to be much bigger than just one game. There are stories that have been told in the game, but there are stories that haven’t, and stories about what happens after the events of the game. Absolutely, though, I would love to get the chance to tell more stories with sequels and other things that we can do with the intellectual property.”

Well that means we will see 3 maybe 4 titles off of this IP from Sony. It is very clear that Ready at Dawn is preparing to make The Order: 1886 into something huge, and I for one am okay with it. The delayed title has caught my eye from the moment it was announced and ever since been very excited and filled with anticipation. Ready at Dawn is going to turn the delayed IP into the next big thing on the PS4 and it will succeed.

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