PlayStation 4 Releasing In Japan On February 22nd


It might come as a bit of a shock that Japan won’t be getting the PlayStation 4 along with the rest of the world. The release date for the Japanese launch of the console is slated for February 22nd for 41,979 Yen after taxes. There is a bundle with the PlayStation camera priced at 46,179 Yen after taxes.

During their pre-TGS conference, it was said that the reason was so that the “availability of content and titles will be ready.” Another reason was so that the “Japan unique titles will be ready as well.” After consulting with publishers, SCEJA felt that February 22nd “would be the optimal date” to release the console to the Japanese market. To make up for the wait, they are releasing a Limited Edition PS4 bundle that include a free download code for Knack.

It’s surprising that the console is releasing first in Europe and North America and Japan (where Sony is based) has a 3 month wait for the console to be released. However, you can’t knock Sony for wanting to make sure that every country gets a console worthy of the $400 we’ll all be spending on it.