Sony to Host E3 Event in Theatres


Not just anyone can waltz into E3, trust me, I tried a few years ago. I dressed up like Notch, crawled in through the vents like Solid Snake, made sure to shoot out any and all security cameras and I still got kicked out. Joking aside, for most people the reality is watching the program at home on a laptop or on T.V. Sony is offering an alternative this year that should capture the community aspect of E3. The Playstation E3 experience could be coming to a theater near you, where you’ll get to watch a simulcast of the E3 press conference and some bonus content. There’s also a promise of a surprise gift and collectible.

I’m very excited about the streaming and I’ll be making sure to get in to my local showing if at all possible. The press conferences are one of the most exciting parts of E3, and getting to experience it in a theater with a crowd promises to be an amazing experience. If you want to find out where the nearest theater showing is for you then follow this link. Let us know below if the idea of a theater simulcast interests you.