Xbox One Headset Adapter Not Working Properly With Third Party Headsets


The adapter for the Xbox One that allows for Xbox 360 headsets to be used on the console are having a few troubles. Two headsets have been reported as sounding clear for the user but those on the other end of the chat hear them less than clearly. One stated that if he speaks softly, it works fine but once his tone gets higher, he comes through extremely “crackly, distorted, and messy.” The headsets in questions (that have been reported) are the Turtle Beach Tango and the Astro A40 headsets. Currently, Microsoft support can’t do much of anything to help regarding this issue considering it’s an issue with third-party accessories.

People who are experiencing this issue should contact customer support for the headset and not Microsoft; although, there isn’t anything wrong with bringing issues like these to Microsoft’s attention so that perhaps they can work with the third-party manufacturer to resolve the issue together.

The issues are currently only isolated to party and in-game chat; Skype calls and voice recording on the Upload Studio sound clear. Considering this is an issue geared towards party and in-game chat, it might be a connection issue between party members, or it could be an issue with the hardware itself. It’s hard to pinpoint the issue but, whatever it is, hopefully it gets fixed soon.

(Source: Xbox Support Forums)