Trivia Crack Answers & Cheats


Trivia Crack is the new game that has everyone talking. The developers behind this game, Etermax, have developed many other successful games including Word Crack, Aworded, and more. The game has continued to climb the charts, topping out at #1 on many of the trivia gaming charts. Trivia Crack is available for download on all Android and iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. If you need help outsmarting your competitor, check out all of the Trivia Crack answers and cheats.

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The game consists of six different categories that contain thousands of trivia questions. The categories include science, art, entertainment, history, sports, and geography. Once you login, you will be matched up against another player or friend. The player must correctly answer three questions in order to gain characters. Once a player has obtained all six characters, they have won the match. However, once you have a character, your opponent may have the opportunity to steal it back, so be careful!

Not only do players have to answer a wide variety of trivia questions, players need do so within a certain time limit. Each question is accompanied by four different answer options. The player will need to choose the correct answer before the time runs out. If you are having trouble with one of the trivia questions, check out all of the Trivia Crack answers and cheats right here.