PSN Wallets Are Only For Master Accounts On PS4


What does that mean? I know it sounds slightly confusing. What it means, from what I gathered while reading the new Terms of Service yesterday, is that only the Master Account will have a PSN wallet and any Sub Account holders that wish to make purchases on the PS Store will need to use the funds from the Master Account wallet.


As stated in the Terms of Service, “All transactions made by the Sub Account or the Master Account must be made through the Master Account’s wallet. A Sub Account does not have a separate wallet. Master Accounts can set a maximum spending amount for each Sub Account, effective at the beginning of the following month.” Therefore, Sub Accounts are allowed to make purchases but the money has to come from the Master Account’s wallet. It’s also convenient that the Master Account could set into place a limit to the Sub Account’s spending (I like to think of that as an “allowance” in a way) so that Sub Account holders won’t take advantage of the money that’s there, as well as effectively holding on to some money that might be in the wallet for a reason.

Money coming from one source, granting a limit/allowance… Times are changing for PSN users. How do you feel about this change? Is it a positive one? Do you think it’s unfair? Let us know in the comments.