Head Full of Steam: ‘Guild of Dungeoneering’


Do you have what it takes to become the best guild in all the lands?

Guild of Dungeoneering is a light-hearted, hand drawn venture into the dungeon builder genre placing you in the shoes of a guild owner looking to become the envy of the competition. To become the best, though, you will need warriors to do the grunt work; so it is time to coax unknowing villagers to risk life and limb to become legends, while you reap the rewards of their spoils. And that’s the premise, but Dungeoneering differs from others in the genre; you may be the dungeon master, but are not the enemy.

While others in the genre put the gamer in charge of stopping an invader with carefully placed obstacles, Dungeoneering has you strategically place enemies to level up warriors to bring the treasure home.

The way you place obstacles and items is by an interesting mechanic; decks of cards: Hope (items), Dread (enemies), and Seek (dungeon tiles). Each turn you are allowed you use three cards, from a randomly selected five, and can potentially earn points to use stronger cards. The most optimal outcome is getting your warrior in and out with all the treasure they can carry, but if he succumbs to evil, (and he will, with individualized personality AIs) don’t fret, you still get a portion of the spoils to grow your guild.

And that’s the overarching goal of Guild of Dungeoneering that one man team Gambrinous hopes to achieve. As the game develops, your guild will not only grow for progress, but to aid your warriors.

The game may just be in the alpha stage, but looks to have a good foundation. If you have ever been interested in dungeon building or just looking for a new twist on the genre, take a look at the 15 minute gameplay here, give Gambrinous a visit at his blog and don’t forget to vote for it on Steam Greenlight.