Kick it to the Goal: ‘Mark of the Old Ones’


If there’s any Kickstarter video game project that deserves your attention it’s Mark of the Old Ones. Developed by small indie studio, Hit the Sticks, this incredibly unique Metroidvania is sure to please even the most hardcore fan of the genre. 

“Down, down, down. Deeper and deeper. Below the mountain lies Namaset, a cavernous metropolis, built for Kraal, a great and eternal being. Yet Kraal’s throne is grim. Namaset is a shunned and long banished civilization; banished for a grudge born out of malevolence and love. It falls to you, Mogal, powerful in your own right, to unwind the mistakes of eons past.”

Mark of the Old Ones  is a gorgeous Metroidvania style game featuring physics-based platforming set in an incredible H.P. Lovecraft inspired world. The art direction and music are fantastic, immediately separating this game from the pack. The gloomy soundtrack complements the dark-toned world, which is said to be “full of ghastly horrors and wondrous beauty”.

The gameplay, where the player controls a creature called Mogal, looks unique and fun. Using both analog sticks the player controls the tendrils, which can be used to direct, fling, and push Mogal around the world. 

We’re excited for this game because of how criminally underrated the Metroidvania genre is; it’s a genre we love and could always use more of. The gameplay is truly innovative and looks genuinely fun. No to mention it’s impossible not to be blown away by the incredible presentation.

For more information and a look at the game in action, please visit the official Kickstarter page.

Let’s work together to help this amazing game see the light of day!

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