Top 10 Xbox Original Sequels/Reboots We’re Dying To See On The Xbox One


We’re a couple months into the lives of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. What has determined much of the early showdown between these two consoles is which do you buy? For most, the two consoles are mutually exclusive, and exclusive titles are the deciding factors. The Xbox One may not have matched Sony’s early console sales, but both consoles sold exceptionally well. If Sony and Microsoft want to keep that momentum going they’ll have to continue supplying original titles, and SpawnFirst has a list of some of the original Xbox’s best to bring back.

Note: We took a poll of our viewer’s favorite Xbox original titles already. This list values unique, original experiences that can bring something new to current generation consoles.

10. Mercenaries


Mercs Inc is currently in development, though we don’t know a lot about its release. The title will be a multiplayer shooter, more than likely returning to the open world experience from the first games. Without any specifics, though, it’s hard to get excited that the title is in the near future. Here’s hoping though!

9. Beyond Good and Evil


Beyond Good and Evil 2 certainly does seem to be on the way, and it might be the right direction for Ubisoft. They’ve got a good amount of momentum and support, and with recent Rayman and Assassin’s Creed titles finished up a look towards reviving the old series could be more likely now than ever. The action-adventure title offered a lot of experiences with plenty of mini games and a multifaceted protagonist. The player is tasked with taking photos to uncover an alien conspiracy and between the combat, puzzle solving and photography there’s always a lot going on. The series was well received for its originality and certainly deserves a current gen console look.

8. Jade Empire


The next game we’d love to see is another BioWare title, which tells you just how talented the staff behind Mass Effect is. They have a knack for creating deep and unique worlds with tight controls and enough customization to keep you busy until the next generation of consoles. Even if its story may not be as strong as knights of the old republic, its world is just as intriguing. The Xbox one is primed to mine the true potential of the characters, settings and combat system. Perhaps BioWare’s only problem is that they just have too many original worlds to focus on.

7. Star Wars Battlefront


Class based combat and conquest gameplay done right. Players can either capture points or eliminate the enemy team. Up 32 players online could make for an insane experience. This is probably the title most likely to see a reboot/sequel. Star Wars: Battlefront appears to be in development by DICE as I write this. It also appears that the title will be for current generation, the Xbox One and PS4. This is a shift from Pandemic Studios, who developed the original, so hopefully they’ll be able to recapture that magic.

6. Project Gotham Racing


An original Xbox racing title that placed an emphasis on more than being the fastest. Kudos points and other challenges have to be completed in order to move on. PGR was a huge hit, and it’s intricately crafted depictions of real world cities garnered huge notice from fans. A title with this much dedication to environment and a focus on player skill is a perfect choice to test the limits of Xbox One hardware.

5. Psychonauts


Psychonauts is the platformer that dared to tackle the challenge of placing the player in a setting dominated by unique and imaginative characters. You enter the minds of NPCs and take on levels with their own principals and dynamics in order to progress and gain their support. The game also supports an open world, of sorts, which always bodes well for new tech. The game’s extensive use of color and unusual level design just begs for a jump to current generation gaming.

4. Crimson Skies


Crimson Skies is a title that deserves Xbox One attention, if none other. The arcade flight genre hasn’t gotten a lot of attention aside from this title or Ace Combat. Crimson Skies is largely considered the most successful title of its genre, successfully pairing a realistic look and feel with acrobatic and imaginative aerial feats. The huge world, plane designs and combat would only be vastly improved in a world where they open up to all the possibilities of next gen consoles. Graphics, larger worlds, voice commands, multiplayer, customization, the list of possibilities could go on and on. Suffice it to say this is a title with a lot of potential that we’ love to see come back.

3. Jet Set Radio


A fast, fun, flurry of excitement and high energy skating. This game paired an upbeat soundtrack with a unique, cell shaded look to give us a fresh take on what skating on consoles could be. The game’s fluidity was unlike anything seen before in the genre and placed a huge emphasis on chaining together tricks and grinds. You spray over the graffiti of rival gangs, outrun the cops and even grind along walls. If you’re not interested, just consider the beautiful cell shading on current gen graphics, the robust and colorful open worlds and the strong potential for multiplayer with the community Microsoft has set up over the years. The fun and self-expression at the heart of Jet Set Radio is one that I have yet to see anywhere else, and if fast paced skating is even a little interesting then it deserves a sequel.

2. Shenmue


An innovative and unique title that took risks developers even today shy away from. It featured a deep and engrossing open-world, QTEs, and loads of randomly generated content. The emphasis on exploration, choose your own pacing and lots of side content is what made this title a fan favorite. It’ll also be a jolt of individuality and experimentation in the next generation world.  Having recently been named one of the best games of all time, it should be garnering some attention. It’s definitely well worth a next gen look.

1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


We know that BioWare is capable of producing a stellar follow-up and has the clout to do it. It is worth noting though, that the sequel was developed by Obsidian Entertainment because BioWare wanted to focus on other titles. Does that mean a reboot would see the return of BioWare, or would the title get another development team working on it? Either way, the turn-based combat and engrossing story will have to make a return to see a successful sequel. The second title felt less complete overall with bugs and removed content, so a careful approach will be necessary to avoid making similar errors. Seeing this title on the horizon would certainly spark even more interest in the Xbox One.

So what do you think of our list? Regardless of where your favorite title ranked, this is a solid list of Xbox originals with plenty of potential to be mined. It might not be too long before I’m booting up a copy of Jet Set Radio or Beyond Good and Evil for the Xbox One.