Airtight Games Has Quietly Shut Its Doors


Airtight Games, the indie developer known best for titles such as Dark Void, Quantum Conundrum, and the recently released Murdered: Soul Suspect, has quietly shut its doors for good according to a report from

Pictures show the company’s Redmont Studios with an office equipment blowout sale sign out front, as well as (on a more somber note) a desk covered in the company’s numerous E3 awards and nominations over the years. One last reminder of the glory days that once were.


Airtight had been in the business for 10 years before it’s sudden closing, and provided backup support on numerous well known and Triple-A projects. Signs of Airtight’s demise had been slowly building since the earlier parts of this year though, when the company laid off 14 employees in a moment of necessary restructuring, and with the loss of Creative Director Kim Swift to Amazon Game Studios.

Murdered Soul Suspect, which had only just released in June, debuted to a host of rather middling reviews, including a 6.5 from us here at Spawnfirst. 

There has been no word yet from Airtight’s executives on the the demise, and no sign of any trouble is yet to be found on the company’s website. Here’s to hoping all of its employees find themselves on their feet again quick.