Dedicated Gamer Takes Foliage Photos


If you’re a daily user of the site, you may remember that I reported on a blog dedicated to taking photos of video-game food a few weeks ago. Well, it seems that taking images of specific gaming assets isn’t as odd as I was lead to believe, with a blog about video-game foliage now standing in the spotlight.

First reported on by the folks at Giant Bomb, it appears that Alex Swaim, a visual FX programmer, has started up a blog dedicated to capturing images of foliage, and then figuring out how they’re made. Best of all, his obsession isn’t placed ironically, and he really does care how trees are made in games.

I must admit, as mundane as it sounds, I did have quite a lot of fun reading up on some of Swaim’s work. Technical detail fills each post, so if you’re into how a game works and why it has been designed in a certain way, go and check out Swaim’s foliage blog!

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