Forza 5 Won’t See a PC Release, Would Need Port or Rewrite


Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Game Studios, Phil Spencer, in responding to a question on Twitter, has confirmed Forza 5 would need either a port or a complete rewrite if the game were to come to PC. The curious tweet that incited Spencer’s response asked if Forza 5 would be seen on home PC’s, as the Xbox One uses the same OS (Windows 8). Spencer claimed that the game “doesn’t run on the Windows side of the OS so any Forza on Windows would be a rewrite or port.”


The original inquirer seemed unsatisfied with Spencer’s response, stating he had used an Xbox One dev kit and that the system does in fact use Windows OS, making a PC version more practical. Spencer reasserted that, while the Windows OS is on Microsoft’s newest system, it is not what the game is using; that’s the “dedicated XB1 OS side of the platform.”


So, in other words, Spencer is saying we aren’t going to be seeing Forza 5 on PC unless Microsoft should deem a port necessary. This is not a confirmation of anything right now, but it feels as though Spencer was implying PC gamers would not be seeing the newest Forza on their preferred devices any time soon.