Ultima Sports Implies New Forza Game is Coming in 2014


Ultima Sports, an automaker well known to be associated with Microsoft’s Forza series, have confirmed signing a contract with Microsoft for an unidentified game to be released in late 2014, via their Facebook page. The post has since been removed, but not before Forzacentral snapped this screenshot:

Given the companies track record, the game will most likely be a new Forza game, making this the fifth consecutive yearly release for Microsoft’s popular racing series.

The next iteration will most likely be a sequel to 2012’s popular Forza Horizon. Forza 5 was just released in 2013, making the odds of this next title being Forza 6 significantly less likely. No Forza title has been officially announced by Microsoft or any of the games usual developers. However, after this statement, it’s reasonable to think an announcement is just around the corner, perhaps at this year’s E3.