Goodbye Wallets, Hello Steam Summer sale!


The Steam Summer Sale has arrived.

Earlier today, as you may already know the long awaited and long anticipated Steam Summer sale has arrived! Prepare your bank balances for an absolute thumping people. This one’s gonna be good.

The sale has opened with many great titles which include the fantastically addictive indie hits Hotline Miami, Don’t Starve and Antichamber alongside the devilishly beautiful AAA titles Bioshock Infinite and Defiance. Lasting from July the 11th until the 22nd, the sale is currently offering large discounts of up to 75% off some titles. Steam’s new “trading card system” is also playing a part as buying discounted titles will render unto you… a trading card. The sale will also incorporate “flash sales” – eight hours long and large discounts. Sound good? Yeah I know.

Steam Summer Sale

Bank accounts fear, Summer is here.