No Midnight Launches at Target and Xbox One Will Be Available on Launch Day


I Eat Rumors for Breakfast

As they say, all juicy rumors must come to an end. From a recent breaking rumor post at, it seems as if Target will not have any Xbox One systems available for the November 22nd launch day, and instead, will only have the systems available on Saturday, the 30th of November at Target stores in the US.

That news immediately perked my ears, and I just had to check out the official statement. And seeing as Target’s Facebook page makes for convenient PR interaction, I posed the question to them about the rumor. This is what they had to say:


So not only was the rumor squashed, we also find out that there will be no midnight releases for the Xbox One launch dates (and potentially also none for the PlayStation 4 launch date either). So get that sleeping bag ready and be prepared to camp the night out to get your favorite consoles in time for breakfast!