Multiple Features Not Available At Launch On PS4


That isn’t to say that they won’t be coming; they will be implemented via updates in the future. However, in a massive FAQ posted on the PlayStation Blog, one of the questions asked pertains to what features have been announced but aren’t available at launch. One of the features was already discussed as not being available at launch (suspend/resume mode) but the others are somewhat disappointing.

  • Share controller via the internet to assist a friend
  • Suspend/Resume mode
  • Wireless Stereo Headsets support
    • Wireless Stereo Headset
    • Pulse Wired Stereo Headset
    • Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset Elite Edition

ps4-sharing-made-simpleFor those of you with the Pulse headsets, you won’t be able to use it at launch. For those who were considering buying a Pulse or Pulse Elite headset for the launch of PS4 (much like myself), you might want to hold on to your money until the feature is implemented. However, I think it pertains to any form of wireless headsets and doesn’t solely apply to the Sony brand headsets.

It’s also slightly disappointing that you won’t be able to ask your friend for help in a game at launch. Granted, none of the games at launch seem like they would be difficult enough to require assistance from a friend but that’s one feature that I was hoping to try out sooner rather than later. Hopefully these features are implemented very soon post-launch and we won’t have to wait too long to test these features for ourselves.