NES Remix Competition Dropped Due to Exploit


After the surprise reveal and release of NES Remix on the Wii U eShop, Nintendo posed a challenge on Miiverse to see who could get the fastest time in Remix 1 Stage 4. The competition was meant to end on January 2nd, but the discovery of an exploit meant that the scores were dropped and the event was cancelled.

Through Miiverse, the game’s director, Koichi Hayashida, announced the termination of the contest and apologized to all who participated, even admitting that “the vast majority of people played fairly.”

Winners of the competition would have received nothing more than bragging rights, though its unfortunate that people’s harmless fun had to be ruined by messy code and people’s ability to find and exploit it.

The exploit involves pausing the game rapidly to cheat the timer and make precise movements easier to perform. For a game based on classic NES titles, even the cheating methods are faithful to the console, for better or worse.

NES Remix hit in December after the last Nintendo Direct, for $14.99 US. The game features challenges that take existing NES games like Super Mario Bros. or The Legend of Zelda, and either make them more difficult, change rules, or ask you to do things within the bounds of the original games.

Source:, Miiverse