PlayStation Camera Unboxing


The Dualshock 4 isn’t the only PlayStation 4 accessory being sold before the console’s launch. Unboxing videos have recently surface for the PlayStation Camera. The camera comes with a stand to allow players to mount the camera on top of their TVs. The stand is flexible so that it contours to the shape of any television and can grip onto it so the camera and stand don’t fall off. The camera also allows us the option to swivel the far right end where the wire is (view the video below for a clearer explanation); the purpose of this is to allow the camera to be moved on the stand because the stand snaps into the far right box. Players need not worry about the length of the cable between the camera and the PS4. No measurements were taken but it looks as though it may be roughly a 6 foot cable (according to the person conducting the unboxing).

The beginning of the video shows the Dualshock 4 unboxing and the PlayStation Camera unboxing begins at 5:44-5:45 so jump there if you don’t want to watch the Dualshock 4 unboxing.