PS3 Firmware Update 4.50 Incoming


According to the European Playstation Blog, the latest firmware update for PlayStation 3 is releasing this week. The update contains a few new features and a few upgrades. The update will improve the system’s ability to download system updates and also makes the PlayStation Store purchases more convenient for all users.

Added features include Wi-Fi data transfer between PS3 and PS Vita, which makes moving games, photos, music, and movies more convenient. The PlayStation Plus feature for automatic updates for system software and automatic download for PlayStation Store purchases will now be available to everyone. Presumably, this is to prepare for the launch of the PlayStation 4 which includes the feature of automatic updates without the need for a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Players are also now given the option to hide certain trophy packs from being visible to others. So if you’re embarrassed by a certain trophy pack in your list, you can now hide your shame.